texas farrier supply double horn 100 lbs

Texas Farrier Supply Double Horn 100 lbs.

$615.00 each

Brand: TFS
Categories: Blacksmith, Equipment, Blacksmith Anvils, Anvils

TFS has been in the anvil manufacturing business for several decades, providing quality anvils for the professional farrier and blacksmith. TFS anvils are heat treated to exact specifications and hand finished. TFS anvils are made from ductile iron. The TFS anvils that weigh 150 lbs. and less are hardened to 50 Rockwell and all the larger anvils are 48 Rockwell. Face: 4" x 17" . Horn: 4" x 9-1/4" . Height: 8-1/2" . Base: 7-3/4" x 11" . 1" Hardie Hole 1/2" Pritchel Hole

texas farrier supply double horn 100 lbs

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