May 18, 2019 - AAPF & IAPF Hoofcare Essentials FREE Clinic

CLINICIANS: Curtis Burns, APF-I and Mike Wildenstein CJF, FWCF (Hons), APF

@ Oleo Acres Littleton Warehouse 
- 10367 W. Centennial Road, Littleton, CO 80127

Clinic Registration: 7:15 am (Coffee & Donuts)
Clinic Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (Lunch Provided)
Clinic Topics:
      Mike Wildenstein CJF, FWCF (Hons), APF
  •       Conformation of the Equinw Hoof & Limb
  •       Fungal Infections of the Equine Hoof
       Curtis Burns APF-I
  •        Quarter Crack Repair
  •        Glue-on Shoe Hands-On Demonstration

Please RSVP by May 10th to secure your spot! 303-979-0446 or



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