durasole 4 fl oz

Durasole 4 fl oz.

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Durasole is an antibacterial, anti fungal, fixing agent, formulated to thicken and toughen the equine exfoliating sole and frog. It is highly concentrated and intended for drop wise use. Durasole is extremely effective in the relief of sole soreness and is widely used on horses that work of perform in hostile environments and in transitioning horses from shod to barefooted. Durasole is effective in the control of thrush and white line disease with aerobic conditions are established and maintained at the infection site. Apply drop wise to dry sole and frog. Disperse with brush. Do not apply more product at one time than the frog and sole will absorb. Wear gloves and safety lenses. Do not inhale vapors. If product comes in contact with skin, rinse with alcohol. In case of accidental eye contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention.

durasole 4 fl oz

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